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30 Aug,18 - 30 Oct,18


Hybrid crypto exchange with a fiat gateway and integrated merchant services

Bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finances.

Ternion is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia offering first class fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange and payment processing solutions. Having obtained a cryptocurrency license similar to that granted to NASDAQ, Ternion OÜ will launch a fully functioning exchange platform during 2018. The Ternion ecosystem is made up of three pillars: Ternion Exchange, Ternion Payments and Ternion Liquidity Fund. Ternion blends the security of traditional financial platforms within the framework of a cryptocurrency exchange. Ternion offers contributors seamless transition between the old world of fiat currencies and the new world of Cryptocurrencies. As liquidity on the centralized exchange increases, Ternion Exchange will incorporate a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

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What is Ternion?

Ternion is a hybrid crypto exchange with a fiat gateway and integrated merchant services.

The Ternion Exchange is a regulated, licensed and centralized entity which allows crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat trading. 

In the post ICO stage the exchange will become hybrid. It will facilitate a decentralized exchange with a centralized one.

The Ternion Payment Processor is a payment gateway that can be implemented at the discretion of a vendor and it issues cards to its users. The users can also use the debit card to pay the vendors. Vendors can choose to receive fiat or cryptocurrency for the goods and services by implementing the Ternion API into their payment method. This is made possible due to the integration of the Exchange into the system.

The Ternion Liquidity Fund supports two business models and is the back bone of the Exchange and the Payments Processor. The Fund is also responsible for buying back the tokens utilizing a quarter of the company’s profit and burning them to combat inflation. The Fund also stores another quarter of accumulated funds to have available liquidity for the future expansion of Ternion globally.

Ternion Token


  • Pay Ternion Exchange Commissions with a discount.
  • List your token on the Ternion Exchange.
  • Get promotions via TRN Tokens.
  • Use them for Ternion Payments fees.

ERC20 Compliant

  • Allows compatibility between all ERC20 compliant tokens, yielding substantial benefits for any user of the Ternion Ecosystem.

Business Model

  • Due to the limited supply of the tokens within the system and a business-oriented token burn model, TRN will outmatch other coins in demand on the market.

Why Ternion?

We, as a team, are constantly trying to be ahead of the market. Pushing our boundries in order to achive what everyone else is only trying to. 

By putting trust into us, you form the future where we will stand all together tomorrow.

You can get the first experience of the exchange platform here and see how the first version will look. Not only the exchange is comfortable for the institutional players, but it’s convenient and easy for any of the retail investors, as it comes with a mobile platform app and a web application.

For the purposes of transparency and reliability, Ternion will undergo yearly audits to keep the public in the loop about future advancements.

We know that decentralized digital finance is the future, but we also understand the unavoidable connection and value that traditional finance taught us, the knowledge which we are implementing into the cryptocurrency space today.

Step 1: Profit Generation
The Ternion Exchange and Ternion Payments generate profit.

Step 2: Token Buyback
We use 25% of accumulated funds to perform token buyback. And 25% of accumulated funds we store in the Liquidity Fund to always have available liquidity towards the expansion of Ternion globally.

Step 3: Token Burn
Our quarterly token burns result in a sustainable way to battle volatility and inflation of the TRN token

Our Team

Rudolfs Medvedevs

Founder & CEO

Vladimir Platonov

Chief Legal Officer

Gary Sum

CEO of Ternion Greater Bay Area

Anatolii Lytvynenko

Blockchain Development Lead

Alex Ariestov

Lead Developer

Yaroslav Boiko

Software Developer

Clara Florey

Communications Specialist

Valeria Cealic

Marketing & PR Lead

Oliver Cheatham

Digital Marketing specialist

Artem Shabanov

Lead Web Designer

Merlock Fairwood

Content Manager

David Mark

Chief Growth Officer

Eugene Petrov

Creative Content Writer

Viesturs Bremze

Senior Investor Relations CIS & Europe

Roberts Erdmanis

Investor Relations Western Europe

Pauls Perkons

Social Media Manager

Nikolay Sadonin

Bounty Campaign Manager

Fabian Klein

Chief Sales Officer

  • Q1 2018

    Exchange Development Begins

  • Q2 2018

    Public Pre-Sale

    Exchange Launch

  • Q3 2018

    Public Sale

  • Q4 2018

    Decentralised Exchange Closed Beta. Exchange Introduces Margin Trading. Decentralised Exchange Development Begins. Exchange Liquidity Pool Expansion.

  • Q1 2019

    Ternion Payments Development Begins. Decentralized Exchange Launch. Payments Closed Beta. Exchange Prime Launch.

  • Q2 2019

    Payments Launch

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Token Information

  • Token TRN
  • Total Token For Sale 76,000,000
  • Price per token 1 TRN = 3.23 USD
  • Pre ICO Price 1 TRN = 0.65 USD
  • Platform Ethereum & ERC20
  • Accepting Coin ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
  • Country Estonia
  • Whitelist / KYC kyc and whitelist
  • Restricted Areas For ICO China, Singapore, USA
  • Category Banking