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01 Sep,18 - 01 Mar,19


The Kryptoin ETF System A Patent Pending Blockchain ETF Platform

Kryptoin ETF Systems started in Toronto, Canada late in 2016 with one person anticipating that the masses would flock to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the companies that enabled ease of access would flourish in the environment. Part of this early trend recognition was identifying the habits of investors and their preference for utilizing ETFs.

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We predicted ETFs would be needed by investors that wanted exposure to the sector and to simplify their investment strategies. Cryptocurrency investing can be highly technical and confusing to many as they may not posses the in-depth knowledge of individual crypto assets.

  • Kryptoin strives to push the evolution of the ETF by incorporating decentralized systems and Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETFs of the new economy.
  • Welcome to the future of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • The patent pending technological platform for crypto ETF’s is here.
  • Kryptoin ETFs are set to change the face of cryptocurrency trading and we want to offer you the chance to get involved from the start.


The purpose of KRP Tokens is to initially seed the ETF ecosystem and generate the ETF Token for the Kryptoin Blockchain 10 Index. The KRP Tokens will be exchanged for the KRYP token only after all the rounds of the “Dutch Auction” have been completed and when the trading desk opens for exchange. KRYP will then be tradable on the exchanges and usable within the Kryptoin ecosystem.


  • Smart Contract ETF Tokens
    Decentrally backed by a basket of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Index Compositor
    Cryptocurrency index funds are passive investment vehicles that are becoming increasingly popular. The expanding crypto asset market will require sectors within it to be represented and tracked. Our Index Compositor allows us to slice and dice the market into meaningful segments that help you make the right decisions.
  • Creation Unit Compositor
    Creation units are often referred to as the 'secret sauce' of ETFs. Creation Units can be assembled and the Net Asset Value can be quoted throughout the system for exchange at the trading desk or on a participating exchange.
  • Create and Redeem ETF Tokens??
    Trading desks can create or redeem tokens with the issuer and the exchanges.
  • Liquidity Trading Desks
    Trading desks perform the function of providing liquidity to the market directly or on the exchange by capitalizing on premiums and discounts on NAV.
  • Decentralized Assets Under Management
    Assets in the AUM are held in trust and managed according to their smart contracts. The process is transparent and your ETF tokens are guaranteed.


Producing the worlds best ETF tokens and indexes. Giving Issuers the ability create custom indexes and launch their own ETF tokens. Utlized to suit their hedging needs.


The current world of ETF managers only have access to the tools available on the traditional stock markets and futures markets. Direct hedging and ETF functions on the crypto exchanges will solve that.


According to ETFG.com net inflows of money into ETFs in January of 2018 were a staggering $5 Trillion. Today the global ETF industry has 7366 ETFs with $4.969 Trillion in Assets from 373 providers on 70 exchanges. Since 2004 ETFs have had asset growth of an average of 18.9% yearly and have experienced 10 years of consecutive gains. They are considered to be greatest financial invention ever and are projected to have over $8.9 trillion in assets by 2020.


Megawallet Development

Future support for over 100+ cryptocurrencies to assemble any creation unit or index.

Create and redeem your token with your trading desks control all the coins under management a choice of different token technology from ERC20 to waves.

Assign liquidity partners designate authorized participants arbitrage the token values across exchanges and with the basket.

Fully integrated with Bittrex discover nav accross multiple exchanges trade arbitrage.

Proven Industry Leadership
The Kryptoin ETF team combines industry expertise & proven record in fintech, innovation, business development, marketing and asset management.

Our Team

Donnie Kim


John Tracey


Tariq Ali Asghar


Eojin Lim

Managing Director

Surendra Kumar

Chief System Engineer

Vineet Tyagi

Chief Blockchain Engineer

Shubham Dogra

UI/UX Developer


Jim Hong

Analyst and Advisor

Anthony Licausi

Investment Banker and Advisor

Jason Toussaint

ETF's Advisor Former CEO SPDR Gold Shares GLD

  • April 2017


  • June 2017

    Whitepaper published

  • September 2017

    Installation of 12 Coins

  • October 2017

    Bittrex API Integration

  • November 2017

    Kryptoin Big 10 Index and NAV

  • January 2018

    Trading Desk

  • February 2018

    Testnet on and off chain
    Kryptoin Big 10 ERC20 Test Token
    Megawallet and AUM

  • March 2018


  • Q2 2018

    Update to Kryptoin AUM 2.0 Decentralized API
    Release of Emerging ICO ETF Coin
    Installation of 100 Coins
    Release of Kryptoin Mid 25 ETF Coin
    Installation of 25 Coins
    Release of official Kryptoin Big 10 ETF Coin
    Token Sale + Airdrop

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Token Information

  • Token KRP
  • Total Token For Sale 1,078,825
  • Price per token 1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
  • Pre ICO Price 1 KRP = 0.10 ETH
  • Platform Ethereum & ERC20
  • Accepting Coin ETH
  • Country Cayman Islands
  • Whitelist / KYC kyc and whitelist
  • Category Investment