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01 Nov,18 - 15 Dec,18


We are bringing the next 200m people into the crypto community


Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the crypto world (200m +). A world to make the cannabis market completely independent of the financial system and its influences. By making use of the Blockchain technology, we demonstrate the value of this revolutionary movement of the crypto-community and how we can make the world a little better. Be there today to help making the crypto world accessible to the masses. Give the power back to the people!

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    People want to shape their own lives. We support them!
  • Health
    A regulated cannabis market protects minors and allows for controlled production for a healthy life!
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    We create a strong connection between the crypto and cannabis community.
  • Grow
    The cannabis economy is growing rapidly and the signs continue to point towards growth.

The Blockchain provides technological tools to create a Jibbit ecosystem created by us. In this network consumers, producers and suppliers find each other. Every single transaction is stored in encrypted form in the Blockchain and is accessible to everyone as needed. A change or falsification of the stored data in the Blockchain is almost impossible.

Manufacturers and producers need a way to quickly and reliably bring their goods and services to the consumer. The Jibbit token is used as means of payment in the Jibbit network. A strong token for a growing community. Jibbit relies on a team of professionals from the cannabis, crypto-Blockchain, marketing and investment industries. The team experience in the field of marketing as well as years of experience in the stock markets worldwide make the Jibbit team an absolute industry expert.

Blockchain meets cannabis

JIBBIT Market Place

Market Place for cannabis accessories: The accessories shop for patients, consumers and growers. Faster, cheaper and secure payments.

Payment Options: Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD, EUR.

Discount & special offers for Jibbit payers!


Cannabis delivery service: Order your cannabis from home like a pizza! Huge selection and controlled origin of authorized dealers.

Payment options: Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD, EUR.

Discount & special offers for Jibbit payers!


The patient, physicians and pharmacists network: More anonymity – more security. Blockchain-based solutions for the medical sector or example, to making recipes tamper proof.

Payment Options: Jibbit

Our Team

Daniel Pikulski


Herman Kutzer

TV Moderator N-TV

Christian Winkens

Diploma in Computer Science, University Koblenz

Ralf Hornek

Solution Architect IT-Infrastruktur, DAIMLER AG

Marco Heyse

Cofounder of Make-it.pro

Frank Ziski

Product Developer

David Poltorak

Database Designer

Eugen Goldnik

Chief Marketing Officer

Andre Hornschuh

CEO Hornschuh GmbH

Alexander Beck

Experimental Facility Technical Coordinator

Nikita Kosuha

Creative Web-Video Producer, Youtube

Rene Muller

Sales Partner, Kaspersky Lab

Tran Tho

Blockchain Developer

Lilly Hornek

Community Manager

Markus Spangenberrg

Leader Telegram

Adam Dudziak

Social Media Admin

Emre Ince

Customer Service

Alexander Preis


  • Q2 2017

    • Market analysis of Cannabis market
    • E Commerce – Mobile Payment – Crypto market

  • Q3 2017

    • Conception of Jibbit
    • First financing round €100,000 building Team

  • Q4 2017

    • Planning of the token sale
    • Development of Jibbit Ecosystem starts

  • Q2 2018

    • Private token sale
    • Jibbit®Doc prototyp creation
    • Jibbit®Runner development starts
    • Jibbit®Marketplace development starts

  • Q3 2018

    • Pre Token Sale
    • Main Token Sale
    • Jibbit®Doc Testphase

  • Q4 2018

    • Exchange Listing
    • Jibbit®Doc local start in Berlin

  • Q1 2019

    Jibbit®Marketplace goes online

  • Q2 2019

    • Final testphase Jibbit ecosystem
    • Jibbit®Runner goes online

  • Q3 2019

    • Partner launch
    • Jibbit®Marketplace & Jibbit®Runner

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Token Information

  • Token JIB
  • Total Token For Sale 420,000,000
  • Price per token 1 JIB = 0.05 USD
  • Pre ICO Price 1 JIB = 0.0375 USD
  • Platform Ethereum & ERC20
  • Accepting Coin ETH
  • Country Germany
  • Whitelist / KYC kyc and whitelist
  • Restricted Areas For ICO USA, Canada, China
  • Category Health