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Take Control of Your Health

Rewards-Based Platform to Store, Manage & Exchange Health Data.

The healthcare industry is in a state of disarray where data is silo’d, information exchange is paralyzed by regulations and security, and the desired outcomes are not being achieved.

It’s hard to believe all the inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities in the current healthcare system of fragmented data. However, when you look at the current situation, the healthcare system is designed in a centralized way, which creates vulnerabilities and single points of failure. 

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Managing Health Data Today

Today's health data landscape is in a fragmented state. There are various kinds of medical systems, fitness activity tracking devices & a growing list of connected products that are collecting information in centralized data centers. As history has shown this can open up the door to many single points of failure & cyber attacks on our health data. It also creates a confusing consumer experience trying to gather information and make it effective in a personal way. There are so many devices collecting health & fitness information. Shouldn’t we have an easier, smarter & more efficient way to deal with our personal health?

Even with all the data in the world for measuring & becoming more efficient, there sometimes can be a lack of motivation or not enough “time” when it comes down to trying to stay healthy & fit. Managing our personal health needs to be rewarding & feel more engaging for people to maintain healthy behaviors.  

The Future of Personalized Health

  • Connect
    Sync up with your favorite fitness devices and automatically track & log progress.  Data collected gets stored on the blockchain and attached to your personal health profile. 
  • Compete
    Challenge yourself or compete with others. Participate in various activity based challenges and try to move up the leaderboard. 
  • Collect
    As you participate in activities & challenges users earn digital tokens as they achieve milestones. These tokens can be used to redeem products & services in the marketplace. 

Helix3 enables people to take control of their medical, genome and fitness data in a meaningful way. The platform integrates with various fitness devices and medical records systems to create a personal health profile for the user to securely manage and exchange their data.  This creates a single source of truth to intereact with your doctor, lab, pharmacy, local gym, family member or employer. 

At the core of this intersection of people, devices and data is an incentives based rewards system. Participants on the platform such as your doctor or employer can challenge you to an activity that helps drive you towards your health goals. Progress is automatically captured and recorded into your personal health records database. As challenges are completed users are rewarded with digital HELIX tokens.

Users on the platform can begin to manage all aspects of their health and wellbeing to reach goals and live a healthier life. 

Helix provides a single source of truth for health data to be extrapolated in a meaningful way. Through our rewards driven platform, people are incentivized to achieve their health goals using activity-based challenges.

Our goal is to fundamentally change the way health data is used to empower billions of people to live healthier lives. 

We are building a global healthcare platform connecting users, devices and health systems on a decentralized architecture. In the BIG picture, we see Helix3 evolving into an ecosystem of healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacists, researchers, local fitness facilities and individual users exchanging value with each other. 

Various future modules will be developed to address several challenges, which are mentioned in our white paper in detail and briefly noted on this site.

Our Team

Nicholas White


Ray Belleville


Brittney White

VP Operations

Nick Sawchuk

VP Business Development

Cody Pratt

Marketing Manager

Tyler Armstrong

Social Marketing

Bethany Suarez

Content Marketing & PR

Stephen Chiricosta

Business Advisor, Startup Health

Kirti A. Patel, MD

Medical Advisor

Abhishek Punia

Crypto Analyst Draper Associates Advisor

Tim Wigle

Science & Technology Advisor

Bill Petersen

Corporate Rewards Expert & Advisor

Michael Cronin

Business Advisor & Director of the board at Beth I

Arden O'Connor

Business Advisor

Sean Baggett

Security Advisor, Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • February 2017

    Through industry experience, we analyzed several challenges in the healthcare space today. Decided to figure out how existing technologies could make more of an impact for the future of healthcare.

  • March 2017

    Envisioned a globally decentralized platform that could securely store and manage health data in a meaningful way. Helix3 was born.

  • April 2017

    Created version 0.1 of our white paper and set out to create a prototype.

  • May 2017

    Mapped out the backend components and began front end development. Conceptualized a rewards based system that gathering data from fitness devices. Released version 0.5 of white paper.

  • August 2017

    Built basic prototype and continued to improve the UI/UX design. Helix Cortex integration framework was planned out. Planned trips to attend blockchain/health conferences to gain validation for our

  • Sept - Dec 2017

    Attended blockchain events in Amsterdam, Ireland, New York & Boston. Networked with people in the industry and gained positive feedback and further validation. Added new members & advisors to the team.

  • Jan - March 2018

    Meeting with private accedidated investors to secure an early convertible debt of SAFT round in order to advance our efforts with Helix

  • The rest of 2018

    Token Distribution event. Bring Phase 1 "digital twin" to a select market. Build partnerships and continue integrating with new fitness/medical devices. Marketplace launce.

  • 2019 - 2020

    Enterprise wellness commercial application launch. Phase 2 integrations and modules roll out.

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