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Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

Over the last decade, online advertising has dramatically increased its share in advertising budgets. Audiences have moved to online and online advertisement has the ability to charge per view, click, or lead, resulting in much better alignment and control compared to mass media based campaigns. The logical endpoint of this is Affiliate Marketing, where payment is usually based on actual sales achieved. For now, at around 5% market share, Affiliate Marketing remains a small part of the total online advertising market due to technical and trust issues between the various parties involved.

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Blockchain based Affiliate Marketing

Very low fees

Affiliate Networks charge 10-25% commission. Attrace reduces this to ~0.5%.

Faster Real Value payments

Instant commission payout instead of waiting for weeks if not months, based on very precise definitions and dynamic scaling.

Fraud detection

Smart contracts attached to every click/referral cannot be manipulated resulting in all statistics being the absolute truth.

No more tracking problems

Every individual click/referral will have a unique ID, resulting in fully reliable tracking of the Publishers' performance.

Direct connection between Publishers and Merchants

The Attrace platform enables direct communication between Publishers and Merchants via advanced messaging board.

No Merchant restrictions

Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at discretion of Affiliate Network.

How does it work?

The Attrace platform applies blockchain technology at the core of Affiliate Marketing by linking a smart contract to every individual click/referral generated, sale or no-sale. This approach makes a regulating Affiliate Network obsolete. Merchants and Publishers will have the advantages of Attrace as listed in the above while working with an interface that does not materially differ from current Affiliate Networks.

  • Attrace is the only affiliate marketing project that tracks and attributes very individual click/lead/referral.
  • Attrace is the only affilicate marketing project with a blockchain fully built from scratch, it is not dependent on any other chain.

Extensive experience in the North-European Affiliate Marketing, FinTech and startup scene with a solid background in blue-chip financial companies.

Our Team

Erwin Werring


Lennard Zwart


Marius Jansen


Remko Allertz


Roeland Werring

Tech Advisor

Artem Vysotsky

IT & AI Advisor

Roel Berger

Blockchain network Advisor

Philip Langguth

Advisor Merchant side

John Jansen


Loes Mensink

Legal Advisor

Wouter Sleijffers

Advisor Merchant and Publisher side

Dick Snel

Security Advisor

Rico Engelbarts

Community Outreach

Prof. Sam Garg

New Venture Governance Advisor

Ian Bednowitz

Advisor Merchant side and Advisor Emerging Markets

Steven Deurloo

ICO Advisor/Strategic Advisor

Jamie Nuis

Brand Advisor

Georgios Petropoulos

Advisor Publisher Side

Jason Appleton

ICO and USA affiliate market advisor

  • 21st of May

    Publisher UI demo

  • 27th of May

    Merchant UI demo

  • 29th of May

    Ingest real clicks and expose statistics through Publisher network

  • 29th of May

    Network explorer UI demo (blocks, accounts, clicks/referrals/sales)

  • 30th of May

    Protocal validation (functionality) with selected Pubiishers and Merchants

  • 8th of August

    Pre-ICO (ending 4 weeks later)

  • 1st of September

    ICO (ending 8 weeks later)

  • 15th of July

    Network foundation V1 (daemon, messaging, blockchain, storage, smart contract foundation)

  • 1st of October

    Testnet with affiliate functionality, integrated ATTR tokens and delegated voting

  • 14th of October

    First release Merchant and Publisher Dashboard (SSP/DSP

  • 1st of November

    Basic developer documentation client API's and commandline tools

  • 15th of November

    ATTR tokens import testing + webpages

  • 1st of December

    Main net online (operational Attrace network)

  • 7th of December

    Set up-sales and account management team in NL to accelerate growth

  • January 2019

    Start influencer marketing

  • February 2019

    Additional strategic traffic acquisition and establishing partnerships to move high volume traffic to the network

  • March 2019

    Set up sales and account management teams in new countries to accelerate growth, starting with Western Europe (UK, Germany, Scandinavia)

  • June 2019

    Set up sales and account management teams in US and Emerging Markets with high internet integration (e.g. Indonesia)

  • September 2019

    Reach critical traffic volume to apply first machine learning for profiling

  • October 2019

    Option to pay commissions fully in ATTR instead of fiat currency, decided country by country provided Merchants are ready

  • October 2020

    Push towards commission payments in ATTR only and start process of removing fiat currencies payments country by country

  • January 2021

    Growing ecosystem by focusing on Long Tail

  • February 2021

    Further geographical expansion to Emerging Markets

  • February 2022

    Implementation Machine learning / AI to further counter click fraud

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Token Information

  • Token ATTR
  • Total Token For Sale 500,000,000
  • Price per token 1 ATTR = 0.017 USD
  • Pre ICO Price 1 ATTR = 0.012 USD
  • Platform Custom
  • Accepting Coin ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Country Netherlands
  • Whitelist / KYC kyc
  • Restricted Areas For ICO USA, China
  • Category Banking